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If we could tell you only one secret, it would be this: Your group is only as healthy as its unhealthiest members. Many organizations don’t pursue wellness programs because navigating consulting services and differentiating between programs can be overwhelming and time consuming. We get that. That’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to bring wellness to your group.

You don’t need a dedicated fitness facility or wellness department to spark a health evolution; we have developed valuable tools that will put wellness directly into the offices, homes, and local gyms of your employees and members. If you dream of fostering wellness in your organization, we can help you make that happen.

We believe in collaboration, not dictation. Flexibility, not rigidity. We want to understand and enhance your group’s culture, not toss it out and rebuild it.

Are we a staffing company? We’re not. Instead, we educate, empower, and progress your employees and members to deliver wellness services within your organization.

Once we have collaborated with you to customize a wellness program that meets your group’s unique needs, we’ll run your program from behind the scenes–giving you the peace of mind that when you lace up your gym shoes and walk out the door, the program will continue running seamlessly.

You have a unique culture. We have a wellness solution.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple: Increase Awareness. Ignite Motivation. Teach Skills. Reveal Opportunities.
These elements form a solid foundation for every Advantage Wellness program.

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Advantage Wellness is a commitment
to developing your health culture.

Awareness Tools


wellness is a personal journey
best achieved through support and inspiration



Advantage Wellness programs use incentive-based reward programs, individual and team challenges, and targeted support from our team of professionals to spark an interest in health and wellness.

Social support is vital to sustaining participation in wellness programs over time. Our team will help you create a healthy environment that supports your members as they journey toward better wellness.

Nothing is a greater motivator than results. Our team motivates and drives healthy behaviors that lead directly to results: weight loss, improved health, conditioning, eating habits, focus, and happiness.

A healthy workplace will reward you with a healthier, happier, more engaged, and more productive workforce. Lower health insurance costs and increased productivity is the icing on the cake.

To help your group create healthy habits, we identify and reinforce your unique vision and use it to develop your wellness culture.

Motivation Tools





Companies with fitness and exercise plans have more productive employees who get along better, manage their time better, take fewer breaks, and have fewer sick days.

Our programs empower employees to fully engage in their work, not just get by. Through exercise and wellness education, we provide them with the health they need to excel.

Exercise and better health improves your employees’ ability to cope with stress on the job or at home, improves their self-motivation, and increases initiative and ambition. Their lives will be more balanced.

A great benefit of daily exercise and improved health is better mental acuity. Healthy employees are more creative, fast-thinking, and flexible, which leads to a better, more dynamic workforce.

98% of new health club members do not have a plan to reach their fitness goals.

Skills Tools


help your team make healthy decisions



Our Wellness Programs help your organization create a culture in which living healthy becomes an easier decision. As a result, members make healthier decisions more often.

We document your savings in medical costs, absenteeism, worker’s compensation, short-term disability, retention, increased productivity and “presenteeism” – how present and engaged employees are at work.

Many elements of our Wellness Programs–like a smoke-free environment, on-campus walking paths, and healthier cafeteria food choices–don’t cost money but pay off handsomely.

Our wellness programs improve your ability to attract and retain great employees, provide valuable benefits, and, best of all, create a healthy and creative environment for your entire team.

Year-round wellness programs show an average savings-to-cost-ratio of more than $3 saved for each $1 invested.

Opportunities Tools



our wellness tools

The easier and more convenient it is to be healthy, the better the results.
That’s why we’ve developed an online system of tools to bring wellness directly into your group’s hands.
Together, Advantage Workout, Advantage Scheduler, and My Wellness Locker will help your group achieve better health.

Advantage Workout


Advantage Workout is where our custom fitness programs come to life.

Custom Fitness & Rehabilitation Programs
5000+ Exercise Videos
3000+ Rehabilitation Videos
Available on any Connected Device


Advantage Scheduler


Advantage Scheduler puts appointment scheduling in the palm of your hand.

Schedule Appointments with Wellness Specialists
Review Your Documents
Available on any Connected Device


My Wellness Locker


My Wellness Locker is your HIPAA-Certified command central.

Join Fitness Challenges
View Wellness Videos & Articles
Track Food & Water
Take Wellness Workshops
Track Incentive Program Progress
Available on any Connected Device

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